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Cosmos8942's News

Posted by Cosmos8942 - February 10th, 2009

Also known as Denny Schneidemesser most of you know him and love him...or love to hate him in some cases. Well I am just here to let you all know that he has made his own website! You can find it at...

Denny (Danman87)

Currently I am working on convincing him to make a forum but he doesn't think anybody would join. What do you say people, would you be willing to join his forum? :D

You can find his Newgrounds page at...


Let him know that he should make a forum...hell, we all know he is a good enough composer for that.

IF you haven't heard of him then just listen to this song and find out why I am such a big fan of his...

The Magic of Winter (Not original title)

Its long, but I will be damned if it isn't worth the full listen through.


I am slowly getting back into composing after a long break. Expect to hear something from me soon, even if it is only a sample of what I am working on right now (lots of useless semi-completed crap sitting on and taking up all the space on my hard drive....gonna have to get something finished eventually x.x).

But yeah, keep checking back, if anything I will send out messages to everyone on my favorites list when I get something up...expect it sometime in the near future.


Posted by Cosmos8942 - January 10th, 2009

Hey people, below is a small list that I will update here and there on what I am working on...

Top of my list right now is...

A Final Fantasy VIII soft remix. At least I think it is FFVIII, I am unsure, but I have recreated it (with a bit of help) as best as I could. 46% Done

2. My Simple and Clean (Kingdom Hearts) remix using (mainly) FL Studio w/ add-ons. The, currently unmastered, version can be found on my audio page. There is a bit of clipping going on, but you should get the basic idea of where I am going with it. 79% Done

3. Final Fantasy VIII - Time Compression Remix: I am going a little ways off with what I normally work with here, reaching a little more towards the ambient side of the specrum. Currently I am working on placing some drums in there...but as of yet I have not found a proper place. Perhaps they won't go in at all. 23% Done

4. Crono Cross - Dreams of the Shore: This is another piece I am working on. But it is not a easy one to remix, this is perhaps my biggest challenge right now...but should I complete it it will be something to listen to over and over again. I have some good ideas going, now I just need to string them together. 11% Done

5. Ok, I am not really working on this one yet, but I plan to. I am going to try another remix of the Terra Theme from Final Fantasy V (I think). I am not sure exactly where I will be going with this one but I was thinking of combining ambient, rock, and techno into one. The techno I am choicy on at the moment though. 3% Done(Idea's)

COLLAB Well now, I will not place any percentage on this one right now but I am indeed doing a collab with a certain WyldFyre1. It encompasses Mr. MegaMan...and hopefullly both myself and Wyld do a proper job on it.

Anyhow, if any of you have any suggestions drop me a line. I take requests, but as I have my own projects surrounding me I generally don't get around to requests often. But who knows, you might get lucky.

See ya' people. Keep an eye and ear open, I shouldn't be gone long.

I have a teenie-weenie audio coming up that will likely be horrible the world over. But meh, what do I know, my authority in the music genre is lacking at the best ^^.


Posted by Cosmos8942 - October 26th, 2008

"Some people say fame is all about the world knowing who you are, I say fame is knowing that those around you even know you exist"

You know, a couple years ago I heard a little known artist called Dimrain play his way through the Newgrounds flash based author's of the time. I played some of those games, or watched some of those flashes just so I could listen to his songs. Not thinking about it any further I vacated Newgrounds in search of other things that would catch my interest. Not a year later did I come back and find the audio portal, and all the masters that inhabit it. At the time such authors as Danman and Milkman-Dan were just making a word for themselves and yet more were coming out of the wood works to try their hand at a little known hobby called composing. So it went on...

Now though we have far more artists, both good and bad, new and old, that are making their voices heard through their compelling music. Ok, so that music is sometimes bad, other times worse, and yet we are all still around, listening for that next masterpiece. In the end though, those masterpieces come and go usually without so much as a glance towards the one(s) that made it. Why is this? Is this because nobody happened to listen to it, nobody liked it, placed under the wrong format. Perhaps those reasons are all correct, but as many of us know there is a completely different reason this event happens. That reason is why I am here right now, sitting my lazy ass down to talk about it, blog if you will. Newgrounds has changed many times over the years, and one of the more recent and major changes was the change in the Audio Portal. Practically everything was stripped and redone. Many people complained, but life went on, it always does. But to what end?

THAT end is what we see now. The Audio Portal is still considered a, and I quote...."Newbie arena", "A place devoid of Talent", "Completely worthless!", end quote. This has been said on a number of games and a number of forums, but can we, as artists agree with them? Of course we can. The reason we are able to agree with them is because of the way some of our best are treated, the down votes, uses of audio, and complete disregard for the reasons a person may place such a piece on this site are sometimes horrible, other times well spoken. But this is a public site, whereas such work that is posted is under a certain...agreement stating that anything uploaded can be used by others, basically, as they see fit. Ok, we all understand that, but then why the change?

Nowadays a person can go around and tap Zero on every song and flash within the Newgrounds library. At the same time they can go and raise their own. This is done daily, and most of us are used to it by now, the ones who arn't or who are unable to get used to this fact probably won't last long. In the end talented artists are thrown to the winds to settle where-ever they may while the well-knowns are thrown about slightly but eventually rest upon a pillar high above the rest. Such events as these happen constantly and many artists that could have stayed and become great have fled to lesser known areas of cyberspace to mull out their gratified existence in areas that will most likely not see them as anything but ordinary. Why then, should we, as a whole take this in hand and say that this is fair? We can't, and I for one will not.

In the end some changes need to be made yet again. Ideas need to be harboured and greeted with open arms. These changes don't need to take place right away, but the sooner the better. This, my fellow Newgrounders and Artists', is a place to throw your ideas around...and who knows, perhaps those ideas may take flower and could change the very shape that is the Newgrounds that we see today.

Below are a couple ideas of my own that may or may not take hold in the ground. I simply ask that you take them into your hand and consider them, if in the end you find them to be worthless then swat them away, grind them under your heel, and flame me off the face of the Earth. I will probably deserve it anyhow ^^...,

1. Don't make it so that a person can vote on a song or even flash every single day. Make it every other day, this way those that truly enjoyed the song can come back and re-vote, or those that truly hated it can make themselves known.

2. Perhaps a record of the users that voted on a piece could be made. I am not a programmer of any sort, so the range of difficulty here is beyond me. But a simple list on those, say, in the last 12-24 hours that have voted on a said piece can be seen and even linked to. This would make it easier to locate those compelling bombers and displace them from our society. At the same time it will make it easier to thank those that should be thanked.

3. [Refer to #2] Perhaps the same thing for those that Download a song, same idea, same effect.

4. A mass PM program that could be introduced into Newgrounds would be great. What would be better then to not only thank all those that either downloaded or voted on a piece, but to also indicate that you have another song coming out. No more then 10 people can be selected, and perhaps a filter for those spammers that would be sure to follow.

5. Okay so a mass PM program that can indicate all the users you want would not be good idea. Well then what about a Mass PM Program that only includes those that have you on their favorites list? They liked you in the first place, why should they have to miss out on a new song, or you on their reviews and votes just because they didn't see it?

These are only a few ideas that I have at hand. If you want your ideas to be heard then post them below. Tell your friends about this, tell the world about this and perhaps with enough public opinion WE, the users, can change Newgrounds into something we ALL can enjoy, without the constant headache of those that laugh at others folly and despair.


Oh, and Tom, where is that 'Chat' that we were promised a couple years back? The coming soon sign has been up and posted for ages upon ages. No time? So be it, not going to make it? Then tell us! Trust me, we are all waiting.

Posted by Cosmos8942 - July 27th, 2008

Hello there fellow Newgroundies! It is I, the almighty Cosmos come to bring you some interesting news and perhaps to listen to some of yours. First things first, lets hear the bad news.

The Well-Esteemed Chronamut has just retired recently due to an ever increasing fatigue of simply creating music. His 200+ songs to date have earned him many a title, and many many more fans. Here is the exact quote from his Userpage

"Yup - after 5 long years - I've decided enough is enough. Never was really a "good" audio musician neways - just did so many that people started to notice.

I would keep submitting - however, I dont really see a point anymore. Maybe now and then i might come out of retirement to make something - but it definitely isn't on the top of my priority list anymore.

I see everyones songs go down every day and I wonder "whats the point of the charts? They no longer reflect what is GOOD - only what is WHORED."

and I have so many songs - that even if i do get a good score day - they only seem to end up clogging the charts and then down they go again.

Oh and any new songs? Zeroed automatically.

So enjoy the songs I've submitted - it's been fun. I'll still stick around for the community - buuut that's pretty much it."


Well, Chronamut, let me answer some of these for the many users out there that will be shocked by your sudden retirement.

You have been around for five long years, yes...it was hard in the beginning, stuff just wasn't working right, but you held it out. Yet you say that after 200 posts, and 100k+ downloads that you have never been a "GOOD audio musician neways." I formally, and quite loudly DISAGREE, which is something most users on Newgrounds would agree with. Your work has astounded many a person, myself not excluded. You may have done a great many songs, but it was the work and the feeling behind your pieces that made people want to come back. It wasn't the quantity, but rather...the quality
that made everyone come back to listen to that one piece...just one more time. Like Danman89, we cannot stop you from leaving us, but we hope that you will, from time to time, honor us with yet another great piece from one of the best artists on Newgrounds today.

There is one thing though, that all will agree on, its the fact that the Audio Portal is no longer a fair place for people to share their work. Often times its the person with the connections, the person with the friends that get their work shown through to everyone out there. Look at my list in the previous blog, there are some artists on there that no one has ever heard of, that is because they were, as you have said, "WHORED" to the point that their songs would never be seen. The audio pages design is good, but some guidelines have to be put down. So we all feel for you on that topic.

In the end though, one of the best Audio Artists has now left us. In the end it was the users who pushed him away. How many more will follow? Danman89 has left, likely never to return, Chronamut is now gone from the Music scene, others are also no more, and yet more have moved on. I think that somethings need to change here, in the audio portal. Be them for better, or for worse, something needs to happen.

But bye Chronamut! I think I speak for all when I say that you will be sorely missed. Below is the link to his Userpage, post your goodbye, or just speak your mind. Remember though, he ain't dead! :P Even though I did kind of make it sound that way =\.

Chronamut's Userpage


Well well, there seems to be an artist that is thinking of coming back (audio artist). I do not have all the details as of yet, but I am sure that they will make themselves known in the days to come. Visit the link below to learn a little bit more. Try to be encouraging, after all, you are laying hope to one of the better artists Newgrounds has to offer, in slight, this could be seen as the return of one of the greats.

Danman87's Userpage


On a WHOLE 'nother note, I petition all of Newgrounds to help me find the BEST Audio Artists here on Newgrounds. I am NOT talking about those we all know, but rather the ones that NO ONE knows about. FIND ME THE BEST OF THE EMERGING STARS. The people that have just started their road of glory, OR those that have been around, hiding in the shadows, awaiting their chance.

Post your findings here! I will be the middle man, YOU be the judge!

I Wish You All Luck!


Posted by Cosmos8942 - September 29th, 2007

I am almost done...

Danman87 His music has been removed by his request T.T...
DavidOrr - AKA: MrMaestro
Kingbastard Heard his acoustic pieces (only him and his guitar :O) and I fell in love...someone who belongs on a list...
SineRider Unsure on this one, we will see.
LJCoffee Has a different feel to it, but my unbiased radar is going off, I think that people who just get onto newgrounds or have never heard of this guy will like him :P.
Khuskan Holy Crap...sounds fantastic.
speedmetalmessiah Heavy Metal is not my thing...but even I can tell when something like this is good. Course his "gone with the wind" song helped ;].
chronodestiny New to Newgrounds....but I'll be damned before I say he is new to the composing scene...A MUST LISTEN TO!
Envy Came across by accident...good thing too :P.
Wydefyre1 Trust me...
These audio artists are the ones that I think are just some that deserve to have their names propped up somewhere. As I search around I would like any of you who happen to visit my profile page and thus read this to give me lists of your own...or even perhaps recommend yourselfs for the list specified. I will try to sort what I have left out of all these artists into groups consisting of well-knowns, prominent genre, number of audio, and such the same.

Again...if you have some artists that you think "Kick...arse", please don't hesitate to state so.

Eventually though I will bring this down to the top 50 artists that have to be checked out on newgrounds...until then!


P.S. My next project will be the best of the best for flash authors...so work hard!...and perhaps you will be on that one ;].

Woot! Back...now to get working on this list, hopefully it will be posted up and remembered...or at the very least looked at now and again. A list like this is hard to make due to the fact that as time moves forward there will be artists who will come out of hiding and start making stuff that blows anybody and everybody away...but for now I think that this will do ;].
Nearly done (it doesn't look like it I know :P). But I have most of the artists now and they will all be catagorized into groups on what I think are their most prominent genres. If they have no prominent genre then I will simply list them under a/the others area. Soon...soon.



I am currently working on a Chrono Cross song that I hope to blow people away with. It should be better then my Chrono Trigger song that you can listen to on my audio page. I have also aquired some interesting instrument effects for FL Studio that I will be playing around with. I hope that everyone will keep listening to my stuff. Now to try my hand at some ambient pieces.

"Ice, rain, tears of sand...cry my love for heaven is upon us"

"Do you believe in fate? I can't say that I do...what is fate? It is our collective understanding of what may come to be and thus will one such thing come to pass. Therefore when something great is made it is because we, as a populace, has generated such emotion that a legend can be created. Many times this "great happenings" are just small trivial matters that are rarely noticed, but sometimes if you close your eyes you can hear the songs that fate plays on the winds of the world. Listen to these songs and envision yourself creating such beauty so that others may also hear your music with the wind, around the world. So simply close your eyes and believe, perhaps one day, you too, can fly away."


Posted by Cosmos8942 - September 25th, 2007

Well...I just don't know what to do, the Fable songs that I am working on are turning out to be much harder than I would like (I can't find any samples, so I have to go from game...which is annoying as all hell). So, I am out of ideas, I can do my own original piece as I don't have too many of those, but I like doing remixes far more...does anybody have any ideas? Any at all?

Btw, here are some artists that you people should check out...

1. MilkMan-Dan Check out his Beautiful Savage song...
2. Danman87 His are all good...but don't let a slow intro. fool you, some of them may surprise halfway though ;)
3. afliXion Some of his older stuff isn't that bad^^
4. Soundshifter Here is one that is well known...another great composer.
5. MaestroRage This guy is pretty crazy...some of his pieces are so complex that I couldn't imagine where to begin.

...I will update this later...right now I need to leave

Cya people!

Posted by Cosmos8942 - August 28th, 2007

Hear me! HEAR ME!...no wait...thats not right =.=. ANYHOW!

I am posting this because I have noticed that there are very few people that bother to vote, and even fewer that bother to write a simple 10second review for a song. Ok...so some of you may not have ten seconds to spare...well...what about the rest? This has especially happened for my songs. I have not seen one of my songs (minus the new one) get one vote in the last 48hours...why is that? People are either too lazy to bother voting...or too afraid of what their vote might do to the score...who cares!? Give me some votes people, and ABOVE ALL, listen to most, if not ALL of the song before you bother to vote. You wouldn't believe how many times I have had a number of great reviews all saying they gave me say...a 5/5 only to look at the score and find that I have a 3.07 or something like that after only 7 or so votes. After awhile I came to the conclusion that people just don't bother to listen past the intro of the song...

So come on people...all you have to do is vote...you don't HAVE to review...though that IS nice. It doesn't really take any time at all. Heck! even non-users (guests) of newgrounds can vote...that is something you don't have to be signed in to use^^.

ALSO! Please remember to rate a flash depending on how the artist did...not what the audio sounds like. The only time the audio should affect a flashes rating is when it is a original piece done by either the artist of the flash itself, or by someone else within the newgrounds flash portal (or maybe a friend of the artist that is not a member of the site itself). In summary, do NOT rate a flash based on its audio, I mean seriously, you don't think I am getting sick of running into high ranking flash movies with great music and horrible animation?

Ok I am done rambling...time for bed...and please rate fairly and review if you can...one thing artists (of any genre) hate is that when they see a horrible rating and nobody tells them why.

Off to bed then!
Cya! :D

P.S. One of these days I am going to make a song with a HORRIBLE INTRODUCTION...but come to find out that if you had bothered to listen for just 12seconds into the song...it turns into something great.

P.P.S. As it seems...I have forgotten to mention that not all poorly animated flash on newgrounds are necessarily bad...its just that many times a nicely animated flash submission is more highly prized...take the Brackenwood series...those stepped up the bar for flash submissions everywhere...before that people were content with funny, if badly animated flashes about various topics. I am not going to say that all nicely drawn animations are good, nor am I going to go out and state that all badly drawn animations are horrible, but what I am trying to say is that IF you do see a bad animation, listen to it one time through for the sounds and such...and maybe go through again with the sound turned off. Why would you want to do this? Simple...this way you can see the little defects in each submission that you originally thought were good, and maybe some really nice parts in a flash that you thought was horrible. In the end though...it all comes down to the person...


Posted by Cosmos8942 - August 14th, 2007

Nono really...nobody is talking to me T.T. I think I am a nice person...I hope I am a nice person...ugh...am I a nice person? XD...


Posted by Cosmos8942 - August 2nd, 2007

Hey...how's it going? :D, I am just making this so that anybody who happens upon my page can post a comment about my audio, rat on me for no reason, sell me their soul, or any other...interestingly sparked ideas they may have XP. I will try to answer any and all posts on here, remember anything is allowed T.T, I am bound to get a beating XD.