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Ok, so the world does not know my name. But there are those around me that do...and in the end that is all I need...

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Cosmos8942's News

Posted by Cosmos8942 - December 15th, 2013

Not on Newgrounds much anymore. Perhaps, as the winds change, so will this. The site looks good and I am sure everybody, the trollers included, are doing their civic duty to the best (or worst) of their abilities.

Leave a message if you like and season's greetings to all!


Posted by Cosmos8942 - September 8th, 2010

A New World, I look out my window into the blue of the sky and wonder if I can change it to the green of the Earth. I see the sun and imagine the moon. What is night but day for many creatures of this planet? What is a limitation other then the willingness to stop before you have even begun?

Recently I have experienced many things harsh, many situations that have forced me to stop and take a broader view of things. I have come to a decision. I shall take my College studies seriously, truly seriously, something I have never done before. With that I shall also push the music I love so much to greater heights and myself past those dreary limitations of my own being.

NemesisTheory, Hania, Reasoner, Wildfyre1 and a host of other audio artists I thank you. Music for me has always been the great successor, it pushes the envelope of the mind into regions others can only reach with great effort. NemesisTheory, your music gives a sense of direction, a want to just push right through all the while providing the energy to do just that. Hania, if you see this you always have that calming effect while producing a story that is all your own. You have taken an empty bit of space and provided to us a world full of conflict, much of which mirrors the life of many. Reasoner, more then anything your piece 'Coming Home' inspires me to push forward, why? Because of the simple emotion that that song brings to my table. Not only is it perfectly orchestrated to my ears but it also has the sense of variety in that which no matter how a person feels they can listen to that and understand. Finally Wildfyre1, my man we have not spoken in ages, you have blown way past my old ambitions and are now standing staring at the top of the mountain, congratulations. Seeing you there makes me wonder whether somebody of minuscule talents such as myself could also climb so high...we shall see.

Newgrounds, I understand many of you will scoff at what I have written, but I tell you now that this place is a place of growth. Tom himself has seen many members step through their stages onto the largest stage of them all and some of us remember the loss of a great talent, one who not only left this site but also left this world. All of us must grow, often this growth happens on its own, sometimes though a push is needed and it would appear that I have tripped, stumbled, rolled, bounced, and careened to where I am now. So we will see what happens and what the future entails.

I ask all of you then, what is life? It is our own willingness to publish our ideas, our thoughts into the depths of history itself. For each of us life gives its own meaning. So I do not know about you but I will be remembered, not as that guy who scored the highest in Call of Duty. Not as that guy who said but never did...no. I WANT to be remembered as that guy, as that person who changed the world, not through some amazing act of science, rather as the person who simply opened a door and moved a mountain.

Life is short but history will never forget and memory is long indeed.


Ah yes: Wyldfyre1, I know you'll see this sooner or later, give me a shout, I am going to be working hard with college work-study n' such but I ask that you take you're time for this final leap. I always said that I would catch up to at least you, now I am betting on it.

NemesisTheory, you are par and par one of the best audio artists this site has to offer. Bar-none. I have an idea for you if you are willing to listen, it is an old idea but one I believe is well suited to your style.

~out n' out~

EDIT: For you're viewing pleasure...

/* */
No I did not make this.

Posted by Cosmos8942 - August 6th, 2010

/* */
Imma music man. This is music...kinda haha. Anywho enjoy :)

EDIT: Due to a few mails that I have recieved I have to openly state that NO this is NOT me lol. If I had that much patience I would've had more audio submissions by now lol.

Posted by Cosmos8942 - April 20th, 2010

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Yes I know there are better beatboxers out there but this is one of the few that incorporates words with the actual beat. Getting down the proper sounds and patterns of the instruments is hard enough for most people but the majority are unable to or unwilling to bring it farther then that.

Posted by Cosmos8942 - April 1st, 2010

Looking for a little help getting back into composing. I am currently unable to afford FL Studio and would prefer to shy away from Anvil Studio (its given me alot of problems in the past) soooo....I need something to work with. If anybody can toss me a bone it'd be highly appreciated.

Posted by Cosmos8942 - March 18th, 2010

Gooooooooo vote for the Behemoth! What other developer, indie or otherwise takes everything we already love and turns it into a game that we sleep with under our pillows?!

Vote for Newgrounds because we do one thing better then anybody else. For we, my friends have EVERYTHING BY EVERYONE! Take 'em down!

I say lets at least hit 50/50 with that oversized weasel of a company!

Below is something I sent to Dear old Tom, the top is his reply, the bottom is what I sent. Cheers~

Tom says:
Thanks! It is cool to see us do so well against Blizzard, and I do think we COULD win if more people rallied... 30% would be rough if it was a difference of 100,000 votes, but we're talking a difference of 1000 votes, which really is something NG should be able to pull together. Oh well it's an honor just being in the tournament.... But it would be awesome / hilarious to beat Blizzard in round 1... I imagine people would really rally at that point and we could build some crazy momentum to keep it going. :)

At 3 hours ago, Cosmos8942 wrote:
Well now my dear Mr. Fulp, I do believe we are doing unsurprisingly well against 'that other' behemoth. What most people don't realize is a small indie developer such as yourself harnessing around 30% (at the time I wrote this) of the total votes against such a giant is a feat that is likely to be spoken about.

Should you/we win all the better but either way thumbs up for complete creativity user-created content and an absolutely fantastic loyalty to your fanbase. Should you guys grow to be much larger then you are now I hope that nothing but the essentials will change...but if I know people I know that if you're running the show that won't happen.

Keep it up my friend! I'm not sure if you expected to beat Bliztard or not but we are giving them one hell of a ride! (hell if our votes add up at 1.7x the rate they are going at now we'll win o.o).



Posted by Cosmos8942 - February 21st, 2010

I'm back...lets get started shall we?

Posted by Cosmos8942 - October 11th, 2009

FIRST: For those of you that don't remember my old news post on the best audio portal artists around you can find it labeled as News Post #5. As such I need to have you guys take note of one guy... Blackhole12 if you don't already know of this guy then give his pieces a spin, most notably A crazy mix of many of his favorite ideas - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR A FIRST LISTEN. There is something for many different types of people. Give him a chance and don't forget to look back through the years on some of his older types, I've found a hidden gem among them already.

Yes, computer problems. The good old technological miss-step, what exactly was the miss-step? Well...this computer is really really really [...] old, about six years dated and used by my entire family for about two...its seen better days. But I have been saving up for a new computer for a bit now, it'll likely be another month until I am able to buy what I want to buy but when I do I will start slowly cranking out new pieces. I'll attempt to make them of a quality at least as high as Dr.Mario Fever or Fable - Rebirth [XB] but I'm not making any promises :3. Until then I'll attempt to get this computer up and running well enough to get something out in the meantime...but I doubt that that is going to happen.

See ya people, if anybody bothers reading this far down then feel free to poke a request or two at me, I won't say I'll do any or all of them but when this new computer is bought n' built I'll likely listen to at least one person's request ^^. ......now to get enough money to buy it D:.


Don't forget to leave a review on my pieces! I don't really care about the score too much, but a review is ALWAYS nice to come across.

Posted by Cosmos8942 - May 16th, 2009

That is done, all is well...ANYWHO. ...

I am still working and putzing along trying to create something that I feel is good enough to place on here. Hopefully I'll be done soon, if not well then you all will just have to wait awhile...not that anybody is following me anywho.

On a side note, if you don't know him already then go check out what this guy does...


...and another,

Nathan Pinard

If any of you want some great composers then just PM me or ask below and I'll send you a couple chosen at random (or specific if you ask for it).



Posted by Cosmos8942 - May 8th, 2009

Has anybody else noticed the on-rush of Hip-Hop tunes that are invading the audio front page? I mean, HOW holy crap, about 80% of the top is a concocted relief of random hip-hop tunes. I don't really have anything against that, but this was kinda sudden o.o. ANYWHO...

I am currently working on about three different pieces. None of them seem to be turning out well, but I'll get something up sometime soon, if only to let all of you know I am still alive.


Please flame, I know you want to ^^.

Oh yes, ironic that the entire audio portals' front page area has been taken up by hip-hop music and a Misc is sitting as king...kinda funny :3