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Computer Problems

Posted by Cosmos8942 - October 11th, 2009

FIRST: For those of you that don't remember my old news post on the best audio portal artists around you can find it labeled as News Post #5. As such I need to have you guys take note of one guy... Blackhole12 if you don't already know of this guy then give his pieces a spin, most notably A crazy mix of many of his favorite ideas - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR A FIRST LISTEN. There is something for many different types of people. Give him a chance and don't forget to look back through the years on some of his older types, I've found a hidden gem among them already.

Yes, computer problems. The good old technological miss-step, what exactly was the miss-step? Well...this computer is really really really [...] old, about six years dated and used by my entire family for about two...its seen better days. But I have been saving up for a new computer for a bit now, it'll likely be another month until I am able to buy what I want to buy but when I do I will start slowly cranking out new pieces. I'll attempt to make them of a quality at least as high as Dr.Mario Fever or Fable - Rebirth [XB] but I'm not making any promises :3. Until then I'll attempt to get this computer up and running well enough to get something out in the meantime...but I doubt that that is going to happen.

See ya people, if anybody bothers reading this far down then feel free to poke a request or two at me, I won't say I'll do any or all of them but when this new computer is bought n' built I'll likely listen to at least one person's request ^^. ......now to get enough money to buy it D:.


Don't forget to leave a review on my pieces! I don't really care about the score too much, but a review is ALWAYS nice to come across.

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Heh, I know exactly how you feel. I've had my computer for around 7 years too, and the only thing it knows how to do is crash... 512 MB RAM, *Sniff*. Good luck getting that new computer :).

BTW, I totally agree with you. Blackhole12 is a fantastic producer (I downloaded 32 of his songs so far and never gave less than a 5/5 in each one XD). I have no clue why he only got 3 Top 30's and a front page only. It's so darn strange :S.

Check out Danman87 and ask yourself why he has rarely gotten any top 20s as he is one of the top classical composers around, even MaestroRage respects him. But yes, I am mildly surprised I didn't come upon Blackhole12 earlier, then again I don't do an incredible amount of research as I happen to stumble across many of the people/audio/flash movies that I have on my favorites (of which there are MANY MANY of them, all good in one way or another....I'd recommend a look-through if you are interested and have the time).

But the two biggest things that Blackhole12 does right are one: He flawlessly (most of the time) flows one synth/instrument into another synth/instrument making a fresh and smooth blend of one into another or just both going at once. Two: He makes his own synths which create a very good amount of originality that is hard to re-create. (yes I lied) Three: The variety in most of his pieces is exceptional, it makes what would be an otherwise boring song into something that you have a hard time turning off simply because you don't know what is coming next.

Phew, thats alot of typing when you can't place an arm onto the desk xD