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Ok, so the world does not know my name. But there are those around me that do...and in the end that is all I need...

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I don't have a facebook and I won't register somewhere else just to vote on a stupid contest that is already predetermined.

Biased? Mmm, somehow I don't think so. It looks more like somebody is attempting to be biased but could lose their opinion should a community like ours kick it out of first gear. Hell, we aren't doing bad as it is if you just look at Behemoth as an indie company. Over 25% of the votes, thats damned good considering who we are up against.

Totally biased in my opinion
<a href="http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/72035-TAP-Interactive-Awarded-for-Might-and-Magic-Promo">http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/
view/72035-TAP-Interactive-Awarded-fo r-Might-and-Magic-Promo</a>
the escapist = Themis Group = TAP Interactive

Meh, won't matter if we win just this one round. Hell we can lose by a landslide int he next round but if we knock out blizzard..hehe

I got ya. I hate WOW with a passion. I lost my nephew to it.
I willr egister and vote with ya. but I am telling you, the owner of the escapist is gonna cheat on Ubisoft's behalf.

Bah, screw Ubisoft! Just like Tom says above, IMAGINE if we beat fkn Blizzard man! Talk about the upset of the year. Plus it would make Tom all giddy, we all know what happens when he gets giddy lol.

Tell everybody you know about, hell force your grandmother to vote. We can still win this. Hell, about 3% of the total votes on NG PER DAY would completely swamp Blizzard.

So damn Ubisoft, lets make it through the first round >:)

done &amp; done but those dorks that play wow are coming strong

Those dorks that play WoW are barely coming at all lmao. Just over 3200 votes for them...seems dear old Blizzard's coke and candy are keeping all the little kiddies at bay. If we rallied just a little more we'd easily be able to wipe the floor with these guys. Hell, in essence we don't have far to go to win.