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Bowser + Peach: The Revelation Bowser + Peach: The Revelation

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Lmao, this is great.

Somebody below me stated that Toad's face is unexplainable...I do believe you are incorrect my good sir. The proper term for such an expression would be "Holy f*cking god no."

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Wasteland Wasteland

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Still one of my favorites...period. Checking back over all your other pieces thus far this one still fits into what I have been thinking of as your own little world. Heavily Sci-Fi-ish the amount of structure in this piece is outstanding as are the tiny details that one finds the more one stares.

Anywho lets start with the left hand side. That open doorway. Nice glow effect first off but more then anything I really really enjoy the shadowing effect that you used below the doorway itself. Looking at it I am unable to tell that it was done by human hands. I'm quite serious. Out of this entire piece that one area baffles and amazes me the most. Move up now into the winder and notice the people(?) in there having, perhaps a party. To the right of that you have a sun, slightly oval-looking it is never-the-less very well done. Same with the lighting effects on the water and land. Just off the center and down a little bit to the right there is another house that if it was not there would really diminish this piece I believe.

Gah I could go on and on with this one and use the rest of this 3000 remaining characters and still find myself with more to say. So lets end it with...

Great job once again,

Ruins Ruins

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

The Scarf

First off great use of the color red here. Secondly great idea giving the scarf a little life. Takes what would otherwise be a somewhat dull scene into something that has a little life. +1 point certainly. The vines hanging off the pillars are well done though I see a couple that look like you might have been pulling off the classic -suspicious whistle- act. They look fine enough though. The contrast from light to dark in this piece really gives it some depth and places in ones mind the wonder of what might be through that opening or that one. You modeled the stairs quite well which surprised me, those are more often left somewhat unfinished in my view. Ah and look water..almost didn't notice xD


Snow Cave Snow Cave

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Roar o.o

Snow and rocks. Yes that is fairly easy ;). The lighting itself though fairly simple conveys enough that I believe being more dramatic may not have been the way to go, after all it is a bunch of white against a mostly dark grounding. My excuse is light is bouncing off the snow making the shadows less deep...-lalala- haha anywho..

As for this one it was done quickly that is obvious but I really enjoy the looseness of your strokes. Something I would not be able to do you have accomplished seemingly with little effort involved.

Great job, perhaps a follow-up to this one would be in order?
9/10 For the quick yet accurate and loose strokes.
5/5 Because well..I tend to round up most days :)

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Kurosawa Tribute Kurosawa Tribute

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Its alive!

Life. Each of your pieces seems to breath just a little. They take on a life completely their own and every time I see another one I hear a voice in my head giving me a summary of what led up to the events seen in the picture itself. This specific one speaks for itself. Yet I wonder why you do not combine this world that you have created into one massive series, each image depicting yet another part of the tale...bah but what do I know. I'm not exactly the ambitious type though jealous I am getting closer and closer to becoming lol.

Great job. Even done quickly this ones heart is still beating.
10/10 5/5.
Hope to see more

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Star Wars Funnies: Chewie Star Wars Funnies: Chewie

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I gotta say...

The lightsaber above Choo's head is what got me, great job :D

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Evil Clown Evil Clown

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not bad

Huh, great job overall, almost too much for the eye to see. But what I really liked was the upside-down pentagram. I don't know if you knew what you were doing or just did it for the kicks but I'm surprised that it was placed on there properly for misfortune.

Good job o.o

Storm Storm

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Disagree with below.

Now first off the clothing is done fantastically. If I didn't have the eye I do I might mistake that for a photograph if I do not look at the face or hair. The hand is also done very well. Hands are generally thought of to be the hardest of anything to draw for just about anybody (with a few exceptions) and you hit it spot on..well...damned near anywho. Much better then I can normally do. But.

But but but.

For all the fantastic portraying of shades and the great fuzziness of that shirt with the tiny little details with the cuff of the hand (hoho) there are some minor problems with this one.

I've said with a couple of your past works that you needed more of a sharpening between the lighter and darker shades. Maybe even the contrast of the picture was off overall. Now here you look like you started with a neutral grey and moved from there into the incredibly dark black hair (well-detailed..if a little stiff to the eyes in some parts [hey, nobody can be perfect everytime]) to the incredibly white skin. I say incredibly white because even though you did do some well placed shading on the light sources I felt that it was somewhat incomplete in the sense that though you darkened where the hair overlapped and lightened where the hair did not that the general sense given is of a shade off overall. Don't get me wrong, its finely done and could pass as a oldstyle still frame from awhile back (forget the dates...10s?...meh). But some minor details such as the decisiveness of the nose, the very slightly flawed right eye (it was probably like that in the picture I know.) and the feeling that the shading around the face feels incomplete brings the score of this one down to a 9 (I rounded up).

Really though, except for the far left side of the hand there is nothing I can really nitpick about here. I certainly couldn't do any better. Heck, nowadays I probably can't even do this anymore XD.


FANTASTIC detal on the clothing though. THAT almost brought me up to a 10/10 regardless of what I thought with the face. Some crazy detail there.

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Doomion responds:

A bit hard to follow completely, but I understood it for the most part.

I really don't have it perfected yet, so I started shading the face first. At the time, it seemed like the values were fine. Then I shaded everything else, and afterward I realized the dark areas weren't dark enough. I'd actually went back to darken it up, and here it is. Of course, again, it's still not good enough, but I'm afraid I might mess it up if I continued on. :x

As for the eyes, I really couldn't do much. The picture didn't show any hint of pupils, so I kinda just went with it. And yeah, I messed up a bit on the right eye.

Clothing was shaded and filled last, made for an easier estimate as to how dark and light the values would be, which would probably explain its greater detail.

Thanks for ANOTHER (lol...) fantastic review! :D

I'm currently working on a new one, hopefully I've learned from my past mistakes. I'm sure you'd love reviewing it.

Pulse Pulse

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Much better then 'Sight' in my opinion.

A fair amount of detail in the picture as a whole gives it a feeling of thoroughness. But the real kicker here are once again the eyes. They are incredibly sharp and when I look at them I actually imagine the right side of the lips tilt up slightly. The eyes, more then anything else in this picture hold a persons attention, fantastically well done and this is coming from somebody who enjoys making creative and interesting faces (though I suck at bodies...dammit). I felt that though this is a fairly quick piece that the darks should've been, well...darker and the whites more prominent. The shading on the face itself is well-done with some minor touchup work needed to develop the facial features more but because everything leads the eye from one thing to the next its hard to pick out the features when you see them.

The neck seems a little strange...perhaps I'm missing something but it just feels slightly off, can't pinpoint it. Then again I'm tired so I'll just ignore that for the time being. The hair is whispy and fantastically fluffy looking in its own way. Thing is it looks like a hurried process. The effect of the hair helps orient the face to the views eyes so that isn't too much of a problem. Oh, and on the right side of the nose is a very slight smudge that could or could not be a mistake, it actually gives a slight feeling of age. Perhaps that was the intention, but I'm pointing it out because I happened to see it.


Oh and this may sound strange but excellent job on the eyebrows and the area thereof. Had you done those wrong this picture would not have turned out nearly as well. Key spot done well, two thumbs up ^^.

One last thing, I know that I say all this but I don't have any art up on my own page. Please don't judge me like one other person did. I just don't want to post anything x.x...that and I don't feel like buying a decent scanner atm >.>.

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Doomion responds:

More extended reviews, from Cosmos. o:

Well, it wasn't until 'Storm' that I actually got myself some decent pencils. For this, I only had a school-grade mechanical pencil, HB everywhere. So I couldn't really make anything too dark and contrasted.

As for the neck, you really can't see its edges, and the hair on her right is covering it up a bit. Which might make it looks a little weird at first.

Don't worry, I ain't judging ya, thanks for another review.

Sight Sight

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Out of everything this picture has to offer the eyes are what give it its flavor. There is alot to say when an artist can give the pictures he/she creates emotion through the splendid use of eyes. In your case the eyes say quite a bit.

Hair is done very well, bit of detail is lost but this one has a style all its own I think.


Oh, btw nice job on the face shape. I know from experience that that can be a pain to get down just right.

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